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Professional Lyndhurst Mold Removal

Moulds are always present in our environment, almost any substance where moisture is present but they can become a problem in any structure if excessive water or moisture problems are not appropriately addressed. Left unattended, mould can rot lumber, drywall and other building materials. To remedy this you need to have a qualified, licensed contractor in Lyndhurst to remove the existing and cause of the mould. Otherwise increasingly more costly property damage can occur. Specialized Onsite Services Inc. can help with all your mould removal needs efficiently and effectively.

Mould testing

SOS offers mould removal service for Lyndhurst, Ontario home owners, real estate agents, business owners, home inspectors and anyone battling mould infestation issues. Mold can affect person's health, and for that reason alone you need to react immediately and call SOS for help. Various practices can be followed to mitigate mold issues in buildings, the most important of which is to reduce moisture levels that can facilitate mold growth. Removal of affected materials after the source of moisture has been reduced and/or eliminated is always necessary for complete remediation.

Lyndhurst Mould Specialists

If you think you have mold in your home, place of business or building — don't panic. Call us immediately, and we'll come out and do an inspection and test air quality. We remove mold safely and effectively. Our mold remediation process doesn't leave any nasty residue, harsh chemicals or require major clean-up, leaving no evidence of the presence of mould.

How To Identify Mould?

Mold or Mould is a fungus that grows in the form of a long, branching filamentous structure. Molds cause biodegradation of natural materials, which can be unwanted when it becomes food spoilage or damage to property. Mold in the home can usually be found in damp, dark or steamy areas e.g. bathroom or kitchen, cluttered storage areas, recently flooded areas, basement areas, plumbing spaces, areas with poor ventilation and outdoors in humid environments. Mould reproduces by releasing spores into the air that subsequently land onto surfaces and begin germinating and growing into mould cells. If a person is exposed to air with mould spores - they can get sick. Symptoms caused by mold allergy are watery, itchy eyes, a chronic cough, headaches or migraines, difficulty breathing, rashes, tiredness, sinus problems, nasal blockage and frequent sneezing.

Mold in house walls

Why Choose Us For Mould Removal Service In Lyndhurst?

  • Specialized Onsite Services provides mould removal in Lyndhurst, ON.
  • Our certified and trained technicians are able to remove and remediate mould from any Lyndhurst, Ontario location.
  • We are recognized by the Professional Engineers of Ontario as a qualified company in Lyndhurst meeting the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment and the TSSA.
  • We provide full environmental assessment and reporting.
  • Professional, experienced, fully insured and certified.